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Ebbsfleet has taken tremendous amounts of development and changed the whole area around Gravesham. See the changes in landscape on our links to maps, photo's and pictures. We have collected picture links to other sites of interest showing Ebbsfleet as it begins and as the Eurostar station nears completion.

Maps and Directions:

To directions by car to get to Ebbsfleet and Ebbsfleet Valley:

The M25 motorway is the quickest route to Ebbsfleet. Junction 2 on the M25 is just 10 minutes away. The A2 carriageway leads to Ebbsfleet International station. Also for Ebbsfleet Valley follow signs for Ebbsfleet International then look for Springhead Road, off Thames Way.

Direction by Public transport:

No train services are available that stop at Ebbsfleet station other than the Eurostar. Trains travel to nearby stations such as Gravesend and Northfleet. There is a local Bus service which goes directly to Ebbsfleet Valley and Ebbsfleet International.

Ebbsfleet Photo's

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